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We are not a traditional, full-service accounting firm, with a large number of clients. Our boutique services are offered to a select few that are looking for access, advice, and service.

We help clients everyday feel better about their businesses and/or their careers, have less stress because of their uncertainty or workload, and make more money. Just read below some comments from current clients. Our firm is setup to help you. Call today and you'll see why.


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"My problems begin and end with me!" Dr. E


Are you in the music industry? Do you own a medical, dental, optical, or chiropractic practice? Refocus on your career, your patients, or your customers... and let us help manage your finances and get everything else in order. 


I thank God for Trey Judd. He is not just another CPA. He is my most trusted adviser!

--Dr. Carlo Pike, Owner, Elite Primary Care (Clarksville, TN)


"People learn from mistakes, but it doesn't have to be their mistakes." Warren Buffett


Are you one of the awesome people that make our lives better through music? Do own a small business? Get back to the part that you like, and we'll help with the part you don't!


I have utilized Trey Judd and Associates in my practice since early 2013. His practice consulting services have allowed me to focus on my practice of medicine as I am trained to do. As it has been said, “Taking care of the patient is the easy part, it is running the business that is hard”. He came into my business with a fresh perspective and took our frustrations and goals seriously. He was able to see opportunities for growth as well as offer suggestions to improve the business part of the practice. He spends time with my employees, coaching them, he provides regular feedback regarding the financial status of my practice, and he has been available for a quick question during the day when a unique issue pops up. From tax planning to practice management consulting and coaching, Trey has been an invaluable member of my team. My business has grown exponentially since Trey came on board.

-- George S. Lee, MD, DDS, Cumberland Surgical Arts (Clarksville, TN)


Are you starting a tour, opening a new practice? Let us help. Getting everything started right takes some money on the front end, but it is much cheaper than fixing things later... or worse, living with the inefficiencies of a poorly started business.


Trey Judd is the rarest of CPA's in that he understands the meaning behind the numbers and is able to give real-world advice on how to improve them. I have used his service for over 12 years as he was here the day I bought my business. Since then, he and his team have been an integral part in helping me plan, strategize, and keep me on the narrow path to growth. Nobody else knows my business like Trey. If you have the opportunity to retain his services, take it.

-- Brian Cratz, President, SealMaster of Tennessee (Nashville, TN)


"Of all my problems, the common denominator is me!" Dr. E


The Four Pillars of a Successful Practice - Patient Care, Practice Management, Financial Management, and Billing. You are an expert in patient care. You probably have an expert biller. You may even have an excellent practice manager. But none of those are a substitute for financial management. And, if you are doing it yourself, or anything else other than patient care, you are likely not using your time wisely.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of a thriving small business. Most people hate bookkeeping. We love it. Let us help.


Superb service and unquestionable professionalism. Trey Judd and his team have a true love for their work and it shows in the stellar work that they do. They save me a ton of money and are great to work with. Highly recommended. Trey is very detail-oriented and results-driven. He and his team are profoundly professional, yet treat their clients like family. I would not hesitate to utilize his services again and again. I am happy to do business with him.

-- Eric Yow, Partner, Gole & Yow Attorneys, (Clarksville, TN)


"You'd be a great doctor, if you weren't so busy being an office manager." Unknown


Do you have an existing practice? We don't just do Accounting. We will help you with nearly every aspect of your business on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.


"My best thinking got me here." Dr. Edward Weakley


Are you in trouble? You are not alone. Many professionals and small businesses are in the same situation. Call us and let us help.


Trey Judd & Associates, CPAs have been taking care of my company and its finances for many years. Trey Judd is an upstanding Christian man and all around find human being. He is very knowledgeable in current and past tax laws and is always striving to do the best for his clients. I trust his opinion and always take his advice. He is not only very thorough, he takes the time with his clients to answer questions and be sure they fully understand everything he does and why. I feel very blessed to have him and his team on my side.

-- Dave Williams, Owner, Clarksville Gutter (Clarksville, TN)


"Respond, don't react."


Do you have tax issues? First, don't feel alone... Many people do. Second, let us help. The IRS is not unreasonable. They usually just want your documents filed and then they will work out an agreement. No, it is not like on TV. They don't routinely settle debts for pennies on the dollar. What they will do, however, is work out a reasonable agreement with you to pay the amount you owe. Further, depending on your circumstances, they may reduce your penalties. And if you haven't filed your returns, don't just agree to the amount they said you owe, because it is wrong.


During 2013 and 2014 I had the privilege of being an employed professional for medical practices managed by Mr Judd. His business management discipline reflected the importance to him in: 1) maintaining a close observation of all aspects of the practice activity, 2) properly screening his employees regarding their strengths and weaknesses, 3) being approachable to having verbal conversation regarding matters of importance of one's position and responsibilities to the practice, 4) maintaining honesty and integrity in all business related matters, 5) practicing punctuality, and 6) being true to his word.

--Ronald Accas, PA


"Do everything on purpose."


Are things going well for you? GREAT! Call us anyway. I assume that you are reading this page because you are looking for something better than what you are currently doing.


Trey Judd & Associates provides a wide variety of accounting, tax, and financial management services tailored to meet the needs of musicians, high net worth doctors, professionals, and business owners located in the Clarksville, Middle-TN area. Doctors, professionals and business owners are not a sideline. Our Certified Public Accounting (CPA) services are designed to make your life easier and provide you with services that fit your status.             


New and Existing Business Services for...



Medical (MD, DO, NP, PA)
Practice Consulting/Management, Accounting & Bookkeeping

Optical, Dentistry & Chiropractic Office (OD, DDS, DC)
Practice Consulting/Management, Accounting & Bookkeeping


Excerpt from The Dave Ramsey Show... "Your good at what you do. Most people that start small businesses... I did it too. We start with a few strengths in our pocket and a whole bunch of weaknesses, but we still gotta wear all the hats. All of us do that. My weakness was Accounting. I hate Accounting. So the first person I hired was somebody to do that crap. You know.. but that was my weakness. And I knew that. So you gotta backfill your weaknesses, either by raising your own personal skill set, and you gotta do some of that, and then that's probably your first hire." [Dave Ramsey, The Dave Ramsey Show, Monday, October 3, 2011]



Law Firm Consulting, Accounting & Bookkeeping


So many companies are just "one small adjustment from making things work." [From the movie, "How Do You Know"] 



General & Sub-Contractor Accounting & Bookkeeping
including Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Contractors, Roofers, and Remodelers

Manufacturer Consulting, Accounting & Bookkeeping

Real Estate Investor Accounting & Bookkeeping

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Business/Practice Financial Assistance
(Let us help with the money... while you make it!)

Accounting Services
(To show you what your business is REALLY doing)

Federal, State, and Local Tax Services
Florida, George, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee

Payroll Tax, Sales Tax, Liquor Tax, Business License, Personal Property Tax Services

LLC & Corporation Formation

Banking and Loan Assistance